During this episode, listen to St. Louis native Luke Voit (former St. Louis Cardinal, current New York Yankee) share his story on how he developed as an athlete growing up, overcame adversity and challenges through his college and minor league career and found a way to defy the odds to achieve his dreams and goals of playing in the MLB for the New York Yankees.

Episode #2 Outline:

0:45-Episode #2 Intro
1:15-Start of Conversation with Luke Voit
2:30-The sports Luke played growing up
3:10-Luke’s dreams and goals growing up
3:45-The positions Luke played growing up
4:30-How playing catcher helped his hitting game
5:40-The college coach that changed his mind
6:12-Luke’s drive and motivation for excelling in high school baseball
6:40-How comradery and relationships with teammates made the difference
7:20-When Luke began to excel in baseball, the #1 factor that separated him from his competition
9:00-Luke’s role model growing up
10:20-Luke’s mindset and goals growing up
11:30-How confidence and mindset makes the difference
12:40-Luke’s strength training routine in high school
14:30-How Luke’s training changed
15:20-Luke’s nutrition habits in high school
16:40-Advice to Luke from a seasoned veteran on hydration
17:45-Luke’s commitment to skill practice as a multi-sport athlete
19:15-Luke’s study habits in high school and advice for student-athletes
22:00-How hard it was for Luke to pass on being drafted out of high school
23:20-How hard the transition was from high school to college baseball
25:30-When Luke set the goal of playing in the MLB
27:10-How it felt to be drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals
30:00-How difficult it was for Luke to progress through the minor leagues
32:30-How Luke felt when he made his MLB debut with the St. Louis Cardinals
36:30-The importance of routine
37:40-How Luke’s routine has changed over the years
39:35-Lukes thoughts on playing for the New York Yankees
42:40-Luke’s advice for student-athletes coming up
44:00-How preparation builds Luke’s confidence
46:15– Luke’s parting words

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