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Sports Chiropractor

Dr. David Fitzmaurice, DC is a Sports Chiropractor and owner of Pro Sports Integrative Therapy.  Dr. Fitzmaurice aka “Doc Fitz” as his patients call him, draws on over 40 years of experience treating athletes at all levels. Dr. Fitzmaurice focuses on looking at your entire body looking for areas of dysfunction. This can be basics like an altered posture or deviation from normal alignment which creates compensation throughout the body in the way it is able to move and perform. He looks at joint movement and mobility. He then will look at muscle recruitment, activation, length and balance so the shoulders and arms, hips and knees and ankles can move freely without pain and generate force. He will further evaluate muscles for strength, activation and dysfunction where there might be acute or chronic areas of weakness or tightness and trigger points that will create pain and soreness, alter movement patterns, create compensations in movement, alter normal biomechanics and limit performance abilities. 


His specialized treatment has been sought by athletes on the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Blackhawks, the LA Dodgers, the New York Yankees, the San Diego Padres, and the Colorado Rockies. He has treated gold and world record holder Olympic track athletes. He has been the treating doctor to Olympic triathletes as well as the top 3x Pro Ironman Triathlete in the world. Dr. Fitzmaurice has also treated elite amateur and pro athletes including golfers, gymnasts, cyclists, marathoners and ultra-marathoners, and mixed martial artists. He has also treated a long list of elite collegiate and high school athletes across all sports. 


Dr. Fitzmaurice practiced in St. Louis for over 20 years, treating many of St. Louis’ elite and professional athletes, before moving to Arizona in 1999. While In Arizona he treated the regular blend of patients and athletes. The favorable climate for training in Tucson led him to work with many elite and professional cyclists, endurance athletes, and some of the top triathletes in the world. In 2012, Dr. Fitzmaurice returned to St. Louis to be closer to his family, as well as bring his unique approach to treatment back to the area. 


He blends years of study of sports medicine, biomechanics, functional orthopedics, and advanced neuromuscular techniques with years of wisdom to find an answer for your problem. He will look at the symptomatic area of concern but more importantly through the entire body to look for the cause behind the problem and correct it. Dr. Fitzmaurice’s emphasis is on the biomechanics of the whole musculoskeletal system and how it works together. He uses an integrative approach when treating pain and dysfunction in the joints and soft tissue of the body. The majority of pain, discomfort, and disability in the body is biomechanical in nature and not due to any kind of surgical pathology.


In his patient-centered approach, Dr. Fitzmaurice strives to make improvements as quickly as possible. To him each patient, young or old, athlete or not, is the franchise player deserving the best. He does not use a cookie cutter approach and each treatment is specific to the patient and the problem. He does this by using a blend of joint and extremity mobilization with cutting edge soft tissue therapies. His treatment protocol is directed at identifying and eliminating all the barriers to physical performance.

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