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- MLB 1st Base/DH 

- 2020 MLB Home Run Champ

I trust Fitz with keeping me on the right track with my year round strength and conditioning program. Fitz has helped me every step of the way from high school to the MLB.


- NFL Veteran Tight End

- University of Nebraska Football Alumni

Fitz not only helped me become the athlete I dreamed of as a kid but also the man I am today. I was one of the first athletes to train with Brian in 2004 with a few of my Kirkwood teammates and friends.

We pushed cars, ran sprints and lifted weights until we could barely walk or talk and this was just the beginning of my time at Fitz. Over the years, I began fine tuning my football skills from the high school, to collegiate and then on to the NFL ranks with their help and guidance year in and year out. I never stopped training with Brian because he always helped push me to the next level and maximize my potential.

He put in ten years of effort into my nutrition, physical capabilities but most importantly my mental fortitude. Constantly encouraging me to be smarter, tougher and hard working which is why I am forever grateful for everything Brian and the Fitz family has done for me. I know I would not be where I am today without their help and the time they invested. Thank you!!


- Kansas City Royals Manager

- Former STL Cardinals Manager

I've seen firsthand the positive impact Fitz has on players and their performance. For any player that wants to elevate their mind, body and game I recommend training with Fitz.


- Top Performance Coach/ Mental Toughness Expert

- STL Cardinals Former Director of Mental Training

- Best Selling Author

With over two decades of experience working with world-class athletes on mental toughness, I know it takes for athletes to win. Fitz has a proven track record of success developing elite athletes across sports. If you want to win, train at Fitz.


- KSDK Sportscaster

- 590 The Fan Radio Personality

I have spent the last quarter of a century covering athletes. Many of my stories have been on their training techniques and work ethic. The common denominator of many of the great ones has been Fitzmaurice Performance. I am amazed every time I walk in the facility. It's one thing to have great equipment and really smart creative training ideas. However, it's another to create positive energy. There has never been an athlete to walk in that place who didn't love it. They are pushed. However, Brian and his staff know how to do it. Make the athlete feel and then make them perform great. If I had a kid who wanted to max out athletically, I would send them to Fitz. In fact I do and I did.


- University of Illinois Basketball Alumni

Brian Fitzmaurice is more than just a coach or trainer; he is a mentor to thousands of athletes around St. Louis, including me. When I look back on my time as an athlete, it is the time spent with Brian and his team at Fitzmaurice Performance where I was able to separate myself from my peers. At Fitz, I gained the strength, the confidence, and the necessary skills needed to excel in my sport at any level.


- Missouri State University

- 4x All American

- 3x MVC Player of the Year

- 4x MVC 1st Team All Conference

Brian and his team at Fitzmaurice Performance were the real difference makers when it came to preparing me for a successful Division I volleyball career. Since middle school, he tailored sport- and athlete-specific workouts intended to target strength, endurance, injury prevention, and mental toughness. Those years spent training translated into multiple institution and conference records broken, 4-straight All-Conference and All-American nods, and a #3 ranking in NCAA history for consecutive sets played at 519 - all without a single injury. I truly could not have become the athlete and person I am today without the Fitz Family!


- University of North Florida

- D1 Volleyball Player

I was a 6'1" tall, lanky girl with a dream of playing Division 1 volleyball. Thanks to Fitz I was able to make that dream come true. Strength and conditioning was the key factor that contributed enormously to my growth & success. Fitz gave me the proper training specific to my sport that allowed me to excel farther than I thought was possible. They taught me proper nutrition, physicality, and mindset. The best part about Fitz is that you don't just train with the to be a better athlete, but a better person.

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