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Since 2000 Fitzmaurice Performance has been helping swimmers build strength and power, get faster and get injured less with their integrated injury prevention and strength and conditioning program. Are you ready to take your body and game to the next level? Train with Fitz. 

Training Program Options: 

1. Private Personal Training 

2. Semi Private Personal Training

3. Group Training 

4. Team Training 

Recommended Training Frequency: 

10-15 u: 2 training sessions per week 

16u +: 3 training sessions per week

Training Session Highlights:

  • Prehab: mobility and stability exercise to reduce common swimming injuries.

  • Stretching: to improve range of motion, movement quality and reduce injury. 

  • Movement Skills & Drills: to improve rhythm, coordination and improve athleticism. 

  • Plyometric Training: to improve explosive power. 

  • Strength Training: to build strength and muscle muscle mass to increase performance. 

  • Core Training: to stabilize the back and hips to prevent injury and improve rotation force production to hit harder. 

  • Conditioning: to build endurance and stamina to prevent fatigue during competition.   

Additional Program Options: 

  • Nutrition Coaching & Meal Planning 

  • Mindset Coaching 

  • Pre-Game Prep and Recovery Plan Coaching

  • Distance Coaching  




  • Kansas University

  • Eureka High School

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