Get Stronger. Get Faster. Become Explosive. Reach Your Potential.​

Our sports performance training program is a comprehensive athlete development training system created by 20-year strength and conditioning veteran, Brian Fitzmaurice, CSCS. With a proven track record of success since our inception in 2000, we have established a reputation for developing some of St. Louis’ and the nation’s top athletes. We have extensive experience developing athletes that have excelled at the high school, college and professional ranks that started training with us at the youth level. Our sports performance training program is geared towards serious athletes that are committed to year-round training for long-term athlete development.

For athletes to become their best they have to train like the best. Our top athletes in the past 20 years were committed to year round training. It’s not by chance that these athletes include all-district, all-state, all-american, college high school recruits and top college, minor league and professional athletes. 

Training Session Description: 

Our sports performance training sessions take place in a group setting and each training program is individualized to an athlete’s age, level, sport and goals. Each 55 minute training session integrates training methods to improve mobility, flexibility, speed (linear and change of direction), agility/foot quickness, strength and muscle building, power (vertical jump and explosion), endurance and body composition. 

Training Schedule: 

Fitz HQ-Ellisville

Monday-Friday: Session 1-3-3:55 pm

                          Session 2-4-4:55 pm

                          Session 3-5-5:55 pm

                          Session 4-6-6:55 pm

Saturday:           Session 1-9-9:55 am

                          Session 2-10-10:55 am

                          Session 3-11-11:55 am 

Rawlings Training Center-Chesterfield

Monday-Friday: Session 1-5-5:55 pm

                          Session 2-6-6:55 pm


BEGINNER: 100 training sessions minimum per year (average 2/week)

INTERMEDIATE: 125-150 training sessions per year (average 2/week in-season, 3/week off-season)

ADVANCED: 175-200 training sessions per year (average 3/week in-season, 4/week off-season)


Call or text us at 636.391.6565 or e-mail info@fitzmauriceperformance.com to schedule a free consultation to discuss your child's background, sport(s) and goals.