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About Fitzmaurice Performance

Fitzmaurice Performance is a leader in the field of sports performance training based in West St. Louis County since it was established in 2000. With a winning combination of professional sports performance training and high energy coaching Fitz has developed thousands of athletes that have excelled at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional level. No matter the level or goal, Fitz sports performance coaches are committed to making a positive impact on every athlete they train, BUILDING CHAMPIONS in sport and in life. 

Fitz sports performance coaches lead private, group and team training sessions that include training methods to prevent injury, build strength and muscle, improve explosive power, increase speed and quickness and improve endurance. 

Job Description

Fitzmaurice Performance is currently looking for part-time sports performance coaches who are highly motivated, energetic and knowledgeable. Candidates must be invested in the development and the growth of our youth and high school athletes and passionate about helping athletes reach their potential in sport and life.


  • Bring a positive attitude and high level of energy to motivate and coach young athletes.

  • Be proactive, take initiative and ownership. 

  • Be dependable and 100% accountable.

  • Have a desire to connect and lead young athletes to become their best. 

  • Good communication skills-willing to get outside your comfort zone to develop your communication skills. 

  • Instruct, motivate, assist & lead private, group and team sports performance training sessions that include injury prevention, speed, agility, plyometrics, strength and flexibility .

  • Maintain communication with staff for goal setting purposes

  • Maintaining a positive image for the Fitz brand.

  • Presenting and implementing Fitz methodology through our training programs.

  • Perform all aspects of the position held in a professional manner.

  • Follow established policies and procedures of the company.

  • Maintain professional credentials as well as engaging in continued education

  • Organize and Clean Equipment and Facility 

  • Clean, Maintain a safe environment for our athletes & follow daily protocols for set up 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimal of two years of coaching experience or completion of Fitz internship

  • BA/BS Degree in Kinesiology, Exercise/Sports Science, or related field.

  • CPR/First AID/AED

  • High School/ Collegiate Experience in a sport preferred

  • Industry experience in personal training and sports performance training. 

  • Currently hold Industry Certification via an approved organization (preferably NSCA-CSCS or NASM) is preferred.

**Fitzmaurice Performance is an EOE**


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