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Return-to-Play Specialist

Jeremy will be providing return to play training for injured athletes to help them bridge the gap from physical therapy to their highest level of performance on the field and court.  


Jeremy Kertz is a graduate of Maryville University, where he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. In addition to being a licensed Physical Therapist, he is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as recognized through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 


Jeremy has always had a passion for optimizing an athlete’s potential. He currently practices Physical Therapy at Athletico, where he specializes in ACL and overhead athlete rehab, blood flow restriction training, post-operative rehab, and dry needling. Over the course of his career he has acquired extensive training in return to play programming, which includes video jumping analysis, video gait/running analysis, return to sport testing, and video throwing analysis. He has worked with some of the top athletes in the area, including athletes from the MLS, MLB, and US Olympic team.


His goal is to provide a comprehensive experience for athletes by focusing on strength and conditioning, agility and mobility, bridge programming after post-op rehabilitation, and return to sport training/testing, with an emphasis on injury prevention. Jeremy has experience working with all age groups and levels, ranging from middle school and high school to collegiate and professional athletes, as well as weekend warriors. This expertise allows him to motivate and drive athletes to reach their true potential.

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