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FITZ STRENGTH FOUNDATIONS is a fully accessible online training program that helps developing athletes prevent injury, increase joint stability and build strength and muscle. This introductory program is intended for athletes with minimal training experience to develop the right foundation of strength needed to be their best on the field and court.    



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Easy access anytime using our app on a phone or computer. Each purchase includes a life time membership.

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Includes all of the instructions you need to get started and progress each week through the program. Also included is the Fitz Strength Pyramid which shows the stages of strength development. 


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Includes the same strength training methods Fitz has used over the past 20 years to develop athletes that have been successful at the high school, college & pro level. 


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Introductory program intended for athletes with minimal training experience to develop the right foundation of strength needed to perform their best on the field and court.  

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Demonstration and expert coaching included for every exercise in the program. 


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Includes a Mindset Jumpstart Guide, Nutrition Jumpstart Guide and Foam Rolling Self-Myofascial Release & Mobility/Flexibility Routine.

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"For athletes to perform their best on the field and court they need the right foundation of strength."
-Coach Fitz  

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Developing the proper foundation of strength is the best way to prevent injury. Strength training develops stronger muscles, facia, ligaments & tendons increasing joint stability-reducing common injuries in sport. 

Developing the three dimensional strength of a joint increase body control & proper biomechanics. Solid joint stability is the framework for building a strong body.  

Strength is the foundation of all athletic abilities i.e. speed, agility, power. Having the right foundation of strength will improve all athletic abilities.  Hypertrophy, the process of building lean muscle tissue, helps to increase strength & power to maximize performance. 

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Dear Coach and/or Parent,  


For athletes to become their best they have to have a solid foundation of strength. Unfortunately for many athletes strength is the missing link in their game. Without adequate strength, athletes have an increased risk of injury and will be unable to perform their best.  When it comes to strength training there is a lot of confusion on what type of training is safe and appropriate for athletes with limited or no training experience.

The fact of the matter is most athletes don’t have access to the guidance of a professional strength and conditioning coach leaving them in the dark when it comes to knowing what kind of training to do to get stronger. That is why we created the Fitz Strength Foundations to take the guesswork out of strength training for athletes. 


Over the past 20 years we have developed a long list of athletes that include top college recruits that have gone on to be D1 and D2, First Conference Players, Players of the Year, All-American and even Pro’s. All of these athletes started with the same tested and proven strength training methods included in this program. So athletes that train with Fitz can be confident they are following a tested and proven training system.  


The Fitz Strength Foundations is a 12-week introductory program that provides athletes with the exact blueprint to follow to build strength, muscle and joint stability. Included is a 2 or 3 day per week option with the exact sets and reps to follow for best results.


Fitz Strength Foundations Highlights: 

  • 12-week program with 2 or 3 day per week option

  • Exact sets and reps to follow for best results

  • Over 200 videos included with demonstration and coaching for each exercise

  • Pre-Training Dynamic Flexibility 

  • Pre-Hab Injury Prevention Exercises

  • Complete Foam Rolling and Stretching Routine 

  • Sports Nutrition Quick Jumpstart PDF

  • Mindset Quick Jumpstart PDF 


The Benefits of the Fitz Strength Foundations Program: 

  • Injury Prevention-specialized prehab exercises help reduce injury 

  • Joint Stability-activate stabilizing muscles to support joints 

  • Muscle balance-promote muscle symmetry and synergy

  • Muscle Hypertrophy-train and build lean muscle tissue

  • Strength-increase force production

  • Sports Performance-perform better on the field and court 


Our goal is to help as many athletes as possible to build the strength and confidence required to be successful on the field and court. We hope that you take the next step and get your athlete started with the Fitz Strength Foundations. 


We look forward to helping your athlete become their best!   


Your In Strength, 




"Coach Fitz" 

Brian Fitzmaurice, CSCS

Fitzmaurice Performance


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